Griller:On hold for now!?

March 24, 2010

In the Silicon Valley now. Getting used to the new company and area. The Griller is on hold for now . May be I will finish the last story for iteration 2 this weekend.
I have setup env in the mac now, from the PC desktop. But it did not due to port conflicts.. sigh — what is using port 80 in the mac? also no svn set up, so eclipse complained. Is there a SVN+Subclips for Mac? Should be.

Need to start thinking about it3. It3 is kind of hard, intentionally. Also, each sprint’s allotted time has to be changed to 3 weeks. I think that is reasonable given the new position.

Externalize datasource configuration in Grails

March 11, 2010

the following seems to work to externalize datasource configuartion (see
1) you add the grails.config.locations property in the Config.groovy like below

grails.config.locations = [ //”classpath:${appName}”,

Notice: I have added the file is users file system , so the user can change it, without touching the war file . Restarting the app should pick up the new value
2) in the ${appName}” file

dataSource.driverClassName = com.mysql.jdbc.Driver

Notice no quotes in the value
I am using grails 1.2.1

Grials Externalizing properties

March 11, 2010

I wanted to add a properties files to the existing war file before app is deployed through a script.
Several steps
1) open the {appName}/grails-app/conf/Config.groovy
2) change “grails.config.locations” property in the file to

grails.config.locations = [“file:./grails-app/conf/${appName}”]

3) create the {appName} in


Possible problem: In war file, the properties file ends up in


directory, so It might be better to just uncomment the
grails.config.locations existing already in step 2
Need to test.

Also see this site .

“The configuration mechanism of Grails is nice, but there is a small trouble. The configuration files are compiled and packed into the deployment package (WAR) during project build phase. However, one usually does not want to rebuild the whole application just to change say a database password. So, how to do it? “

This could be another option — but the problem is given a war file in tomcat how does one access those files
Does the


for the property ” “grails.config.locations” take care of it?
Need to test

Need to add story

March 10, 2010

another one : test with tomcat

testing blogging through e-mail

March 10, 2010

Hey testing blooging through e-mail.

Griller Started

March 9, 2010

I have,at last,  started my web based code review tool written in  Grails, The GRILLER. Iteration 2 is almost finished. The user should not care which language it is created in, but the open source tools I have seen took way to long to set up (e.g. review tool) . The aim of the project is that, the user configures the application by changing a text file and add to the war file and drop the war file in tomcat and they are supposed to be up and running.

Only three things need to be configured before start up , the admin user name paasword, the database info;and the google e-mail address for the admin — if they want to send e-mail to the people in the review.

Also Version one has free web based version now — yeah.

The thing about Groovy/Grails I am hating is the typo problem. I wrote a method called getMenus() in a class , but in the caller method I called   .getMneus(). Since there are no  compliation (thus no checking) ,  when I ran it it gave a error and it took me at 30 mins to find the error. Second time, arg! (“rednder” vs “redirect”).   Is there a way to stop this? should not so called IDE help help which this stuff( e.g. “redirect cannot have view property” so give error). I know with “great power comes …”.

The guy in the elevator was right  — fat fingerining will kill you in Grails. Morale is always listen to guy in the elevator (or is the “lift”) 🙂

Now thinking of deploying to for a demo, Google App Engine or Some other J2EE plave eatJ . Got accounts on both but not sure either will work. It will be a good test though. After lot of miss installation I have installed STS (spring tool) + Grails plugin+ GoogleAppEngine) , but I have not tried it yet — I do not expect it go smothly. I kept seaparate from STS+grails plugin , I hope, by copying the file from STS+grails to another directory and then starting the new one and installed GAE.

Need to test tonight.

Testing Done — the STS+Grails plugin works as before .. yae
Need to finish the last story for the itration 2– adding action to menus — but this needs thinking . Assume I have a menu object which will be sent to the nav/menu pane, how do I populate menu object? The permission table and permissionType will come into play ofcourse  … hmm
Also , need to figure out db configuration during boot strapping — maybe easier to give them a script whose input will be a text file and the war file — and the output will the war file configured. Easier for release 1
So two stories.

Hello world!

March 9, 2010

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